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Thanks for dropping by Plots, Plans and Parenthood today, it’s lovely to have you over here in my little corner of the inter-webs.

If you’ve popped over because you’ve found my Hospital Bag series on Pinterest or perhaps it’s been been recommended by one of the children’s charities, then I hope you’ve found it useful. I just wish you didn’t need it. 

A bit about me (because the title at the top of the page says I need to tell you something now) – my name is Kelly, a mid-forties (i.e. older than dirt) transplanted Aussie from sunny Sydney now living in the wilds of Essex with my wonderful husband and incredible daughter. 

I started the blog four years ago when I was, honestly, at a fairly low point – it became my way of getting my head back together after a stroke (as you can see we have hospital experience from both perspective – adult and child). It started as a kind of online journal, but over time the focus changed and it became a  way for me to connect with other parents who have children doing hospital time. 

To the uninitiated, ‘going to hospital’ sounds like something that should be easy to deal with, and for a lot of adults, that’s true. However dealing with a hospital admission as an adult, when it’s your child who needs treatment, opens up a world of confusion, emotional overwhelm and outright fear. It’s scary shit! You will rarely feel more helpless and out of your depth than when they’re putting the mask over your child’s face in anesthesiology – it’s soul rippingly hard. 

So, this blog is all about helping parents/carers cope and throwing a little hard-won hospital survival knowledge out there so that those who need it, can access it.

That said…this blog isn’t ALL about hospital time! As you will soon discover, I have an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest so no doubt there will be a tonne of ‘Look what I found!!!’ posts. I also love cooking; nothing takes me home faster than whipping up a classic Aussie recipe…and nothing helps my waistline more than actually sticking to Slimming World (again). 

I love books and read like words are going out of print, so you’ll find some book reviews on here and have yet to meet a planner/organiser/chart or spreadsheet that didn’t make my heart sing, so the odds of printables being offered are also high. You’ll also find the odd affirmation, natural remedy (no cures, just comfort) and maybe a few witchy things – I like to keep things balanced. 

So hang around for the stories, tips, tricks, recipes, reviews, pictures, printable and whatever else I can rustle up and empty out of my head. 

Take care of you!

Kelly xx

You can connect with me on any of my social media platforms. I’m even human after I’ve had coffee – so I promise not to bite. wink

    You can connect with me on my social media accounts. I don’t bite…after I’ve had my coffee.