If your little one is as obsessed with L.O.L Surprise Dolls as ours is, you have probably been desperate to find ways to keep the dolls and their tiny little accessories (those things multiply overnight, I swear!)  corralled.

We have trialled various forms of L.O.L Surprise Doll storage; starting with a shoebox (Series 2: long before Pop Up Shops and other accessories came out) and ending up with an aluminium makeup case that (until the collection exploded this year), was working well. Thanks to birthdays, Christmas’ and pocket money purchases, we have now reached the stage where the collection is too big for the makeup case. It’s also too big for the Pop-Up-Shop and even the Fashion Show-on-the-Go set as well. Even combined, we’re out of options! (*Totally aware this is a first world problem).

So, after another day of tiptoeing around another convention of L.O.L Surprise Dolls on the living room carpet, I effectively lost my sh*t and decided that I would find a way of storing these pretty plastic menaces, their menagerie and their ever-expanding wardrobe. Cue a trip to Home Bargains and the discovery that has freed us from the Lego-brick-style hell of stepping on (or vacuuming up) plastic crap.

Meet The Box Collection Large Storage Box – the answer to our L.O.L storage woes!

At just £2.79 each for the large version, they are EVERYTHING when it comes to storing the dolls, their accessories, pets and anything else MGA Entertainment can come up with! These low profile boxes are mostly used by crafters and fishermen to house small fiddly bits of kit; if I wasn’t reaching desperation stakes with this, I probably would not have looked twice at them.

The large ones are 35cm x 22cm and divided into 24 ‘cells’. The genius part is, each of those cells is created by REMOVABLE dividers, and this is what makes them perfect for L.O.L storage. By removing every second divider, you can make enough space for either one single Tot. Or if you’re low on storage and put them top-to-tail and you can fit two Tot’s in each larger cell. If their heads weren’t so huge, storage would be far easier.  The Lil Sisters can bunk down three to a pod without taking the insert out, making storing them a breeze.

For me, the wonderful thing about these is the little shelf-hanger clip on the top short edge of each box. Using the built-in shelf-hanger clip, a ribbon and a cup-hook, these suckers can now be hung under madam’s loft bed. Instead of being hidden, they now create a little display of her L.O.L Surprise Doll fanaticism and ensure that she can find the ones she needs without tipping them all over her bedroom floor*.  (*Working theory, no actual evidence exists that this behaviour will cease)

As I had cleaned our Home Bargains out of the only four of the large boxes they had in stock at the time (they have more in stock now – run!), we went out of picked up some of the medium boxes for the accessories. All of the accessories are now sorted and shall remain so forevermore. Yes, I laughed too!

Miss Seven was THRILLED with the new storage idea and quickly got to work bringing me every doll, pet and accessory in her possession. F.M.L. I wasted three hours of my weekend sifting, sorting and categorising minute pieces of anthropomorphised plastic. Parenthood is uber-glam!

“Look Mummy…you’re having a re-boxing party! Get it…re-boxing?” ~ said small, mildly-amusing person before disappearing into her room and leaving me in LOL hell.

So, if you have yourself an L.O.L Surprise Doll storage situation get down to your local Home Bargains and grab some of the boxes. If you are not able to get to a Home Bargains, then you can also find these* on Amazon.co.uk. They’re Prime eligible, so you can get next day delivery too.

Grab some wine/gin and have a ‘re-boxing party’ while you lose the will to live.

You’re welcome. 🙂

*Please note that this is an affiliate link, meaning I may earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through this link.