Food glorious food. If you are looking for recipes then you are in the right place. My only criteria for recipes is: Fast, Tasty, Fresh, Family Friendly. If you have one to share, let me know!

Low-Carb Bakes!

Low-Carb Bakes

  We all have a sweet tooth, some more than others, and when those cravings hit, we usually go for the quickest and easiest option, which is usually something pre-made, high in sugar, and chock full of carbs. Sadly for me, sugar and carbs are now the enemy, so I have had to make some […]

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Australian Damper

Aussie Damper

Damper is an Australian bread once favoured by drovers (cattlemen) and now a camping and kid friendly favourite. It’s ridiculously easy to make, almost idiot proof (my Dad burns it outside and leaves it raw inside…he is the ‘almost’ I refer to)…

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Sourdough Pancakes

Flippin Sourdough Pancakes

This recipe has become a family favourite and ‘Vinnie’ (we named our sourdough starter Vinnie Van Dough’) is happily maturing and keeping us in breakfasty goodness for the foreseeable future. Serve as you like with syrup, Nutella, fruit, lemon & sugar or go all out and make it part of a ‘diner-style’ American pancake stack with bacon.

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