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Aussie Damper

I would love to be a ‘Pinterest Mummy’. You know the ones who have three kinds of fresh gluten free bread on the go every morning, make their own yoghurt from scratch and only feed their kids organic everything. Not happening. In reality, I’m a busy Mum...

Hospital Bag Series – Part 4

Extras We Take To Hospital Until you have spent time in hospital, it’s really hard to know what extras to bring with you. That’s why I have been writing these posts. Among friends I am the ‘go to’ person for info on what you need when you’re doing hospital time, so...

Hospital Bag Series – Part 3

Again, I’m going to be asking you to think about your bag in terms of zones. This can help ensure that you don’t miss anything important. Think of sections in the bag as the tooth zone, the body zone, the hair zone, the kid zone etc.

Hospital Bag Series – Part 2

Once I am bedside I am no longer top of my priority list, my child is. Therefore, fashion and I cease to be friends for the time we are ‘on-ward’ and I am OK with that. Mostly.

Hospital Bag Series – Part 1

When packing for the hospital it is often hard to know what to take. Pack too much and you risk having to work around it during your stay. Pack too little and the inconvenience can be far greater. As a hospital stay regular, I have put together this guide that may...