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    are you plotting & planning your way through parenthood?

    Join Me As I Share The Wins, Wobbles, Triumphs, Tantrums & Moments  Of
    Quiet Desperation That Make Up Parenting In The 21st Century.

    Kelly Plots Plans & Parenthood

    Yes, this picture has ALL the filters, because...parenthood!

    I’m Kelly owner of Plots,  Plans and Parenthood. 
    I am a wife, mother, author, transplanted Australian & stroke survivor.

    I am also a virtual assistant at McDay Virtual, home educator, avid  cook, lover of natural therapies and home decor | organising |living. 

    You can find out more about me and the blog here.

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    Don’t be fooled into thinking that I just blog about hospital stuff. 
    You’ll find lifestyle, organisation, parenting (never any how-to stuff…I’m winging it!) and some holistic stuff on here too.