Hands Off Santa 2020

Hands off Santa, 2020!

Last night I witnessed two people with kids throwing insults at each other, on Facebook, over the Santa Claus issue. ? It was the usual scenario – one parent saying ‘let them believe’, the other ‘you’re lying to your child’ etc etc etc. For the record, if you choose to tell your child that you believe Santa is just a myth, that’s absolutely your choice. I am, however, begging you- please try not to spoil Santa for other families.

We are, however, firmly Team Santa in this house.

This has been an epically shit year for everyone and some of us have kids at the age where science will soon override their ability to believe. That means that this could be the last year that the childhood magic of Christmas exists for some families. The last year before wonder is replaced by present lists sent via Whatsapp, eye rolls every time a parent speaks and texting while wearing headphones.

We have maybe another year, or if we’re lucky two, where ‘A’ still gets a thrill from Santa calling her or receiving a special personalised message from the North Pole. I love that the magic has not dimmed for her; that she can still believe. We plan on holding onto the magic for as long as possible.

2020 has taken enough from us…we’re not letting them take Santa too.

Hands off Santa, 2020!

To get Santa to call your child, make sure to download the Portable North Pole app so that the elves can get in touch.


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