Chocolate Cake Cups

  In our house, there are some food items that are automatic winners from the first tasting; mac and cheese, spaghetti bolognese, smoked salmon, pizza and a roast chicken dinner with yorkshire puddings. Then there’s these…super chocolatey, super easy to make cake cups. No you’re not reading that incorrectly, I said cake cups, not cupcakes. […]

About that blogging I was going to do…

  It appears to be the law of the Universe (or at least my Universe) that the best way achieve ones aims, is to start doing something other than what you were planning on doing. No. No it’s not, Kelly! Here I was, planning on blogging my little heart out when I accidentally fell back […]

Plots, Plans & Parenthood Will Be Back Soon


Hi Folks, Contrary to all reports, I am still breathing and have not dropped off the face of the earth. I have however been horrendously busy with a couple of big projects that have meant blogging had to be sacrificed for a few months. This coming year will see a return to blogging for me, […]

Thank You NHS Staff

NHS Thank You

To my friends working within the NHS,   This has been a tough weekend and this week is not really shaping up to be much better for you. This #NHSCyberAttack has hit all NHS staff hard, and not just because it makes things difficult when it comes to processing your day-to-day tasks, but also because […]

Allotment Plots, Plans and Arachnophobia

Plots Plans and Arachnophobia

  So this weekend, we got some plants in down at the allotment. I have planted a lot of Calendula, the bees love it but I am primarily planning to use in natural skin care for my daughter as she suffers from a little dermatitis and Calendula  salves work well on it. We (and by […]

Bee Friendly To Tired Bees

  There are few sadder sights to a gardener or wildlife enthusiast, than a dead or dying bee. Without these pollinating powerhouses, the world as we know it would cease to exist. So taking care of our little friends is something every gardener should make a priority. I am already beginning to see bumblebees buzzing […]

Parent Hospital Stay Bag – Extras We Take

  Extras We Take To Hospital Until you have spent time in hospital, it’s really hard to know what extras to bring with you. That’s why I have been writing these posts. Amongst friends I am something of a ‘go to’ person for what you need when you’re doing hospital time, so this extras list […]

Parent Hospital Stay Bag – Toiletry Kit

  *This post may contain affiliate links (please see disclosure page) however most of the items can be sourced at great prices from your local supermarket or discount store. Where an item is specialised, I have linked to an example for your information. The Toiletry Kit This toiletry kit will be your best friend. I […]

Parent Hospital Stay Bag – What To Pack

Parent Hospital Stay Bag – What To Pack Now that you have your bags, we need to focus on what to pack in them so that you can be comfortable during your time on the ward with your child. ‘Grab and Go’ Clothing Bags! Packing your bag for hospital can be hell if you are […]

Parent’s Hospital Stay Bag – Part One

Hospital Bag for Parent’s – Part One When packing for hospital it is often hard to know what to take. Pack too much and you risk having to work around it during your stay. Pack too little and the inconvenience can be far greater. As a hospital stay regular, I have put together this guide […]