Christmas Eve Safety Checklist – Free Kids Printable

Last year I began creating a Christmas Eve Safety Checklist for Miss PPP – it was also a ‘little’ bit for Mr PPP as he’s in Health & Safety as his day job, so I thought it might give him a giggle. 

Christmas Eve Safety ChecklistDespite all of my best intentions, we ended up getting sick, so I never uploaded the printable and it has languished in my files ever since. 


So, if you’d like to give the kids something to do and in the process possibly stop them asking 270 bazzillion questions about the guy in the red suit’s ability to access houses/flats/apartments without fireplaces etc…then feel free to download the Christmas Eve Safety Checklist- Free Kids Printable below.

Christmas Eve Safety Checklist – Plots, Plans & Parenthood

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Kel xx