Stocking Up: Secrets

Sometimes, shopping at your local supermarket just isn’t cutting it – the bargains are minimal and everything is a bit ‘samey’.

Try checking out a few of these places for bargains.


Great for seeing what is in stock and ordering some bargains to be delivered straight to your door. Poundshop is now owned by Poundland, so you’ll get a wide range of items in your shop.

Possible the best-kept secret around for getting end of line, close to expiry (always ‘best before’, never ‘use by’) or ‘still good’ past expiry branded products. If your favourite product has changed its packaging, odds are, the original stock will end up somewhere like this.

From coffee to cat food, Dry-nites to deodorant and high-end skincare and alcohol brands, you will find loads here. It’s limited stock, first come first served and stock lines change constantly. Worth keeping on your ‘must check’ list.

Clearance XL

Just like Approved Food, these guys deal in end-of-line and ‘still good’ stock. Stock changes daily and there are bargains to be found!

Toys for £1

This website is a little gem, and one that I came across when looking for stocking stuffers and party favours one year. It’s not always great value, there are some dud offers on there, but you can find some great stuff – you just need to look.

I can only describe Zadeel as a cross between a pound shop and Wish! Loads of products from China and Japan, most of which are priced per individual unit (flowers might be per flower head, not per bunch etc). For organisational items, they can be great, and worth a look.

There are cashback sites for shopping…and then there’s TopCashback. I rarely promote these sorts of things as being a good idea, simply because it’s normally a lot of fiddly, boring work for very little return; TopCashback has been the exception for me.

In the past 15 months, I have had £249.05 back from them on shopping I was doing online anyway, just for hitting a button to claim the cashback. I end up with about £4-£6 back each shop (accrued quarterly usually) from the online groceries at ASDA and the Tesco grocery shopping rebate makes me more than ClubCard ever has!

My advice? Sign up, install the extension on your web browser and you will get a reminder pop-up each time you’re on a site that will give you cashback; that way you don’t forget to claim your cashback. It’s not life-changing money, true, but it could mean a few more stocking stuffers this Christmas, or a few extra pennies for treats in January. Sign up from this link and you’ll get a £10 sign-up bonus too and I will get a little thank you gift for the introduction. **Not affiliate linked, not a promo, just honestly a decent way to get free money!**

I hope all this drivel has been of some help, even if it was just to remind you of a few things that you had forgotten you knew already!

Kel xx



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